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New badge for Malaysian's car
Sunday, 13 January 2008 13:10

Proton GEN2 enters into China under the Euro star badge. I do hope Proton will gain great fortune in the coming Rat Year. Proton is great if she is able to earn Renminbi.
Proton GEN2, in a blink of the eye, replaces the Malaysian star logo with the Euro star logo. This is what we call marketing skill. People always prefer the Euro star to our star. This is the reality everyone should accept.

Of course, we can only know if the star will shine brightly when all lights are off and the air is cleared. Even though the Chinese worship everything foreign, they aren't be that stupid. A publicity stunt won’t do the trick. In the long run, the strength and the competitiveness of a car are the most important elements.

In fact, it is not easy to survive in the China's automotive market. The world's largest automotive manufacturers and over three hundred domestic automotive manufacturers are eyeing this market.

Market demand is increasing and consumer preferences are always changing. Therefore, prices, quality, after-sales service, marketing practices and so on are very important. Automotive manufacturers might be eliminated if they aren't good enough.

The first batch of Euro stars have reached China. Will there be a second batch or a third batch? How are they going to implement Completely Knock Down (CKD) packages in China after the shipping of Completely Build-up (CBU) units? These are the real tests, and its main key is “sustainability”.

In the past, Proton has also opened up overseas markets in United Kingdom, Australia, Indonesia and Turkey. Some markets can be supported reluctantly, but some are no longer continue. So, let's bless Proton for her success in the China's market.

At the same time, India's Tata Group has introduced the world's cheapest cars ─ Tata Nano. It is sold at USD 2500 each, which is less than RM9000.

Prior to this, many people think it is impossible to produce such a cheap car, even by Indian standards However, Tata Group has done it.

We have seen the photographs. Tata Nano is a small car with beautiful lines. Its fuel consumption is 20 kilometers per liter, which is about 50% less than normal car. It has also achieved general safety standards.

Perhaps, middle class and car experts will not be interested in Tata Nano. It is just as many people turned up their noses at Kancil.

However, Tata Nano is a good news for motorcyclists, fresh graduates, low-income people, simple consumers and price-conscious consumers. In India alone, there are over 100 million of such consumers. In the whole world, the number would be billions.

Of course, the RM10 thousand Tata Nano is unmatched with the RM1 million Porsche. However, what are the differences when both four-wheel vehicles can speed only at 15km/hr in the crowded Federal Highway?

Nano could change the automotive world, or most of the automotive world. This is what we called as “competitiveness” and “sustainability”. Proton's guru is in India. (By TAY TIAN YAN/ Translated by LEE MEI NYEE/ Sin Chew Daily)


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